Conceptual is a hardware development company using the latest technologies to help bring new devices and products to the market.  Our core competencies are concept creation, mechatronic designs, rapid product development, project management, and product documentation.


Design and Analysis Services

As an experienced rapid product development consultant, we understand quick iteration to fail fast and quickly to then move on to the next iteration. This allows for many different approaches to be tested and the best features to be identified and retained.

Prototype Builds and Assembly

If you already have a rough mechanical design or some cad from an industrial designer, we have in-house prototyping capabilities. This includes an FDM 3d printer, cnc router, and a fully loaded shop ready to build your design. If your design calls for other resources they can easily be secured from one of our vendors.

Product Documentation and Project Management

Outlining overall Product requirements with detailed engineering requirements documentation. To assure that your end product meets the demands of the customer.

About us

We are Conceptual Hardware, we help you design and refine your future product.


Pittsburgh, PA 15209 United States