We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.


Here at Conceptual we focus of attention on a handful of different industries.  Currently these are robotics, mechatronics, consumer products, and industrial applications. 

If you have something that falls outside of these categories, feel free to reach out, were always on the lookout for challenging Protects.

Concept Creation

As our name suggests, at Conceptual we offer creative concept generation and ideation as services.  We will work with you* to define and refine your product or idea.

Prototype Design

As an experienced rapid product development consultant, Ip understand quick iteration to fail fast and quickly move on to the next iteration to try many different approaches as possible.  This enables the best features to be identified and retained.

Product Documentation

Outlining overall Product requirements with detailed engineering requirements documentation. To assure that your end product meets the demands of the customer we will outlined

Prototype Builds

If you already have a rough mechanical design or some cad from an industrial designer, we have in-house prototype capabilities. This includes an FDM 3d printer, cnc router, and a fully loaded shop ready to build your design.

Project Outline / Planning

Establishing an idea of where a project is and where it needs to go is crucial to sucess in a project. We will work with you to determine when you need your project complete and start filling in the schedule from there. Milestones and dates will be assigned and there will be constant communication throught the project’s duration.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly

From initial concepts to nearing final prototype design, design for manufacturing and assembly are always kept in mind. Manufacturing methods will be taken into early on along with consideration for the most cost effecient method. After manufacture method, consideration for the fit up between the various parts by calculating the tolerance stacks of minimum and maximum material conditions.

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