Formlabs guide to rapid product development

“Prototyping is a crucial part of the product developmentĀ process, but traditionally, it has been a bottleneck. Product designers and engineers would create makeshift proof-of-concept models with basic tools, but producing functional prototypes and production-quality parts often required the same processes as finished products. Traditional manufacturing processes like injection molding require costly tooling and setup, whichContinue reading “Formlabs guide to rapid product development”


The prepared is a weekly email subscription about engineering and manufacturing world. They focus on Planning and Strategy, Making and Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair, & Operations, Distributions, Logistics, Testing, Inspection, and Analysis, along with some weekly tangents. I’ve been subscribed to it for the past year and find something new or interesting every week. They alsoContinue reading “The”

Machine Shop in a Toolbox

I’m staring this out with a favorite post of mine. This is a great post from Hackaday about the tools you need to start building physical things at home or wherever. They do a great job of breaking down the tools needed to measure, modify by hand, a few basic power tools. They don’t reallyContinue reading “Machine Shop in a Toolbox”